Saturn venus conjunction vedic astrology

Jupiter is transiting the final degrees in Scorpio sign in Jyeshtha nakshatra this month. Jupiter will move into Sagittarius sign on November 4 and come in conjunction with Ketu. Mercury is transiting Libra sign until October Thereafter Mercury will enter Scorpio sign, and go retrograde on October 31 at 3 degrees 34 minutes in Scorpio sign. Venus is transiting its own sign Libra until October 27, thereafter Venus moves into Scorpio sign. Thereafter Sun will enter its debilitated Libra sign. Ketu is transiting Purvashadha nakshatra ruled by Venus in Sagittarius sign this month. Ketu is aspected by Mars this month.

Rahu is transiting Ardra nakshatra ruled by Rahu in Gemini sign this month. Please contact Mr.


Singh for astrology reading if you would like to know how the Saturn and Mars aspect each other, and other planetary transits will impact your lives in relation to your natal astrology chart and the mahadashas, Bhuktis that are operational in your astrology chart. Contact Mr. Mars - Pisces 26 Degree. Jupiter - Leo 3 Degree. Saturn - Pisces 18 Degree. Rahu - Pisces 24 Degree. If 7th house is badly aspected by any melefics, there must be serious relational problem. With addition if mars is disturbed by saturn or rahu, divoce also may happen.

Search this site. Marriage Astrology: Early marriage: Moon is the core factor in early marriage.

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Delay in marriage: Mars is the planet, which cause delay in marriage. Love marriage: 1 Close relations can be found out from 2nd and 7th. Married life: After marriage is the another issue that we need to judge. Saturn is the planet of world, limitation, boundaries it makes person aware of time , as Saturn shows you the truth of life.

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It teaches to live in reality, Saturn is disciplined, practicality, long term goal in life. Saturn makes people humble by giving harshness in life.

Jupiter, Saturn Conjunction - 2 Planets Conjunction

Saturn is the steadiness of mind, power to live in lonely and do good meditation. When Venus and Saturn are in conjunction, although Saturn and Venus are good friends in astrology but Venus is not happy when it sits with Saturn. It is situation like an old sick man come to meet his lovely friend Venus, what happened when our best friend who is sick and come to meet us, we also get sick.

Saturn infuses all the quality of his into the Venus. Saturn makes frustrate related all the things which is related with Venus. Since Saturn represents fear and Venus is love, these people feel fear in expressing their feelings of love. They think that they might be rejected by the other people. This native fearful in getting into any kind of relationship. The person frustrate in love and relationship, it bring the partner to the native who is very cold and conservative in love and relationship.

Venus And Saturn In 1st House

The native itself is very realistic about love and relationships. Their expression of love by duty and responsibility to the family. Saturn brings mature and older partner or the native itself like older women.

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If women have this conjunction in Scorpio sign in 7th house she should be careful in choosing partner because she may get partner who is abusive.